We send our within Switzerland free of charge and always by A Mail. Normally the dispatch takes place within 3 working days after receipt of order. If you need the jewellery the next day, please contact us by phone directly after ordering.


Unfortunately we cannot cover the costs for the return shipment. We already send every delivery within Switzerland free of charge and also length changes are carried out free of charge. The return shipment is at your expense, as also stated in the AGB. Normal letter A mail is usually sufficient. Please also note that orders that you do not wish to keep must be returned within 14 calendar days. Otherwise the full invoice amount is due.


We offer purchase on account. The invoice amount is to be paid within 14 calendar days. However, we reserve the right to refuse an order on account and demand payment in advance. Goods that are not returned within 14 days will not be taken back and are subject to payment. After 14 days without receipt of payment the reminder process starts automatically. If the reminder process is unsuccessful, we will hand over your dossier to a debt collection company. This results in considerably higher costs for you.