Effect and care



It has been proven that jewellery with a Gauss strength of 1700 and above can improve the circulation of the blood system. The body's own cells can thus be supplied with more oxygen and cells that receive more oxygen can, for example, heal wounds faster. The higher oxygen content in the blood makes you feel more vital and the entire energy balance is strengthened. 

Tensions can be released. Annoying joint pain or other restrictions in the musculoskeletal system can also be relieved.

In many studies it can be read that magnetic jewellery generally influences the negative effect of microwave radiation and electrosmog in a positive way, because the biomagnetic field paths in the body are brought back into a harmonizing linear position, which is the vital feeling for the body.

Magnetic jewellery is demonstrably free of side effects. In a study of the World Health Organization it could be proven that static magnetic fields do not have any damage on the human organism.

However, magnets should generally be kept away from pacemakers, as electrical devices can be influenced by magnets.

Our own magnetic field

Das Magnetfeld oder auch “Biomagnetfeld”, wie es 1994 das Nationale Institut der Gesundheit in den USA genannt hat, wird nun auch vermehrt in der Schulmedizin in Form von der Magnetfeldtherapie angewandt.According to the researchers, the biomagnetic field consists of very finely perceptible magnetic frequency fields that permeate every human body.

When we have a balanced, harmonized biomagnetic field, we often feel full of exuberant vitality, boundless creative power and unbridled motivation.

When the human magnetic field is out of balance, we can very quickly feel tired, exhausted, powerless, demotivated and physically uncomfortable.

Therefore, one can very quickly become aware of the important role this field plays in connection with our health.


Please do not wear your magnetic jewellery in water containing salt, chlorine or sulphur. The coating with which the magnets are incorporated can be attacked by this.

It is best to clean the jewellery with a commercially available microfibre cloth or a jewellery cloth.